Successful companies are not formed in isolation. Entrepreneurs need seed funding, experienced mentors, and a strong network of seasoned professionals and peers. Golden Gate Ventures will help foster this environment, build stronger ties to Silicon Valley, and promote Southeast Asia as Asia’s hub of new technology and innovation.

What we look for:

We love great teams! We focus on companies building out consumer internet products and services for Southeast Asia.  You’ll catch us frequently traveling between Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.   We prefer companies with a launched product (stealth is fine) or that have establish valuable distribution partnerships in the region.

As a seed-level investment firm, we look at a wide range of companies and we’re always happy to co-invest with other investors that can help bring value to the table.  Just like the valley VC model, we take a minority equity stake. As we want you, the founders, in-control of your company.

How we add value:

We view each of our investments as a partnership.  As serial entrepreneurs turned investors, we can help with lessons learned on growing your user base to growing your team.  We have a great network of mentors willing to help out and open doors.  We can also be an asset by bringing in key strategic investors, and leveraging our network to help with partnerships around the region (and back in the valley).

Are you pre-launch?

For startup that are at an idea-stage, or pre-launch, Golden Gate Ventures has a strategic alliance with JFDI.Asia for their S$25k/100 Day Bootcamp program. Bootcamps run once to twice per year. Under JFDI, you’ll work directly alongside other startups and an army of mentors to launch your product and get it to market.

How to connect with us:

The best way is usually through a referral or at an event.  You can always cold email us, but the most attention is given to referrals.  When you do contact us,  it’s nice to keep it brief, include a link to your website/app, and list some details on traction.


Media Kit

Media Kit - Golden Gate Ventures

You can get more info, including logos, and team photos with our Media Kit.


Team (full bios)


Vinnie Lauria, Founding Partner  

Vinnie Lauria co-founded Lefora (acquired by CrowdGather, Inc.), a forum hosting service for over 100,000 communities on the web.  Vinnie also started the SiliconValley NewTech meetup in 2006, critiquing and reviewing hundreds of startups.  Vinnie has spent the past year mentoring startups in Singapore and across Southeast Asia, working with i/o ventures, the Founder Institute, and JFDI. In 2013, Vinnie was chosen from a pool of over 2,500 Founders Institute’ mentors as the highest rated startup mentor in Asia.

Vinnie has organized Silicon Valley themed events in Asia, including SuperHappyDevHouse.sg.  Earlier in his career, Vinnie spent four years within IBM, helping to shape how they were approaching social software for the enterprise.  Vinnie has spent considerable time traveling across Asia and lives full-time in Singapore, managing and mentoring the portfolio companies.



Jeffrey Paine, Founding Partner   

Jeffrey Paine is the founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, an early stage technology incubator based in Singapore.  Jeff started and manages the Founder Institute in Singapore where he is currently overseeing its expansion in Southeast Asia. Since 2010 the Founder Institute in Singapore has graduated over 60 companies.

Jeff spent the first eight years of his career in early stage venture and private equity in the US, North and South Asia. He co-founded a China market entry advisory firm which was then merged with a China mid-market private equity firm. He is currently an investor and advisor to Redmart, Tradegecko, Coda Payments, AtticTV, and Flutterscape/monoco and mentor at JFDI Asia, Founder Institute, and Chinaccelerator.

He is a Singapore native and graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration (Information Systems) from the University of Southern California.


Paul Bragiel, Founding Partner   

Paul Bragiel is the co-founder of multiple successful ventures, including i/o Ventures, an early stage startup program in Silicon Valley.  Under i/o Ventures, Paul has incubated 11 companies helping 8 access additional investment, and 3 have been acquired.  Paul is an investor/advisor to 20+ companies. Prior to i/o Ventures, Paul founded three global companies, Lefora, Meetro, and Paragon Five.  At Paragon Five, Paul established offices in the US and Europe.  Paul has a strong background as a liaison for companies looking to establish operations in multiple countries.  Paul is based out of San Francisco and is our man on the ground providing the support network from Silicon Valley. He frequently travels to Asia.


Michael Lints

Michael Lints, Venture Partner   

Michael Lints is Venture Partner at Golden Gate Ventures. He has over 11 years entrepreneurial and managerial experience. Michael studied Management and Control of information science. After his graduation, he worked briefly as a consultant and project manager at one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands, after which he started his own IT business, an IT System Maintenance Company. In 2007, Michael founded his own venture fund focused on Dutch SME’s. Michael has had various positions on a societal and administrative level as a result of which he has been able to build an extensive international network. Michael is a former vice chairman of the Economic Development Board Rotterdam and studied Financial Analysis for Business Valuation at Harvard Business School. Michael is a specialist in IT startups and venture management.
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Jeremy Yap, Venture Partner   

Jeremy Yap is Venture Partner at Golden Gate Ventures. He is a founding member of AngelLab, a venture capital firm focused on investing in tech entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe. He enjoys running around the globe like a crazy person meeting startups, from cloud computing folks in Tel Aviv to FinTech enthusiasts in Singapore. Jeremy is an investor in companies such as RedMart, Citymapper, Dropmysite and Techstars.


Justin Hall

Justin Hall, Principal   

Justin Hall is Principal at Golden Gate Ventures. He is a scholar from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, having specialised in entrepreneurship policy, and graduated with Honours at Trinity College Dublin in History and Political Science. In addition to his responsibilities at Golden Gate Ventures, Justin has organized a number of community building events, including SuperHappyDevHouse.sg, WalkAbout.sg, and FailCon.sg. Before Golden Gate Ventures, Justin was previously an Account Manager for Rakuten LinkShare Corporation, based in New York, and managed online e-commerce sales for prominent web-based retailers and service providers. Justin is a New York transplant and fitness fanatic, as well as a huge fan of Chicken Rice and kopi gau.



Angela Toy, Head of Operations & Programs   

Angela Toy leads Operations & Programs at Golden Gate Ventures. She graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Before joining Golden Gate Ventures, she founded Woof Woof Box following her experience at big firms such as Ernst & Young, HSBC and BGC Partners. Angela is a travel and adventure junkie who loves great food and company and is also almost a crazy cat lady.