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Prototyping Made Easy

POP always believed that pen & paper are the best tools to help make applications a reality. Instead of using cumbersome desktop programs or inaccessible design tools, POP allows users to import sketches by taking a picture, create a storyboard by linking their sketches together with “link spots”, and simulate user interface to make sure everything flows correctly. POP even allows users to share their prototype with colleagues and friends, on any device.

POP is widely adopted, and its users include Yahoo, Zynga, LinkedIn and 37Signals.

Why we love it: POP makes it easy for users to dive in and start to build their prototype immediately. There are a ton of features to help them build the prototype the way they want, including import tools, links, and transitions. User experience is seamless, and they’ve managed to make something that is incredibly easy and intuitive to use.

“When doing mockups, I still find the traditional method of pen & paper to be the most convenient and comfortable. POP has not only made that possible, but a joy.” – Steven Chen, Golden Gate Ventures



Rental Search 2.0

99.co is an end-to-end company that uses technology and data science to provides renters a radically honest, transparent and delightful experience. Real estate portals in Singapore are saturated by duplicate, and often fake, listings rife with conflicting, inaccurate and incomplete information. This is due to the individualistic nature of the brokerage business today. The portals serve agents as their customers and have no incentive to prevent such practices from perpetuating.

Why we love it: 99.co offers a delightful search and scheduling experience online, where every listing is unique, complete and accompanied by authentic photos. Based in Singapore, the 4th most expensive rental market in the world, they focus on the $300M rental market locally and plan to expand to apartment sales and services, and into other Asian cities.

“Darius is a serial entrepreneur and a brilliant thinker. He’s tapped into a huge pain point in Singapore, and by creating a beautiful, responsive portal for people to find, sell, and rent property, we think there’s a real opportunity to disrupt real estate across Southeast Asia. He has an amazing team behind him, and supportive investors willing to help him grow.” – Jeffrey Paine, Golden Gate Ventures

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Snap, List, Sell.

Carousell offers a simple way to sell unused and under-used clutter! Carousell was started to solve the problems present in existing peer-to-peer marketplaces. Just too many valuable and functional things are chucked aside and wasted. They solve this problem by creating a fun and inspiring platform for people to buy and sell these things.

Why we love it: Carousell was started to solve the problems present in existing peer-to-peer marketplaces. Just too many valuable and functional things are chucked aside and wasted; wouldn’t it be amazing if we could make it fun and inspiring for people to buy and sell these things? That’s exactly what Carousell hopes to do. The existing alternative marketplaces do not have Carousell’s active community, a beautiful user interface, or its seamless mobile experience. The last point is incredibly important: Carousell’s mobile-only strategy speaks to the long-term viability of the platform in Southeast Asia.

“We found that the mobile-first approach is the future. Our focus on mobile has attracted a young demography mainly in the 16-34 years old age group, who are absolutely hooked to Carousell.” – Quek Siu Rui, cofounder, Carousell

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Pay with airtime

Coda is a mobile-first alternative payment channel aggregator in Southeast Asia. Coda helps mobile and desktop game publishers and other digital content providers monetize users that don’t have a traditional payment card. Coda’s specialty is direct carrier billing, allowing customers of the largest MNOs in Southeast Asia–including Globe in the Philippines, Indosat in Indonesia, and SingTel in Singapore–to make purchases using their existing pre- or post-paid mobile accounts. Coda also operates Codashop, where customers across Southeast Asia can purchase Steam Wallet Codes using a range of alternative payment channels.

Why we love it: No plastic, no problem! This mobile payment startup helps online, high volume, small transaction merchants accept money from the 2 billion worldwide customers with a mobile phone and no credit card. Mobile operators around the world are seeing revenues from their traditional content business plateau or decline, in part due to the shortcomings of premium-rate SMS. Coda’s direct carrier-billing infrastructure and merchant acquisition capabilities help mobile network operators recapture these revenues while increasing loyalty and driving acquisition. In turn, Coda allows online merchants to more effectively monetize their content and services. Coda is actively looking to bring more merchants onto it’s network.

“Across Southeast Asia, there are 250 million consumers with a mobile phone but no credit or debit card. We’re partnered with mobile network operators across the region to build a safe, simple, and fast way for consumers to make purchases online.” – Neil Davidson, CEO Coda Payments




Online grocery that’s cutting the checkout queue

RedMart.com is a Singapore based online grocer that delivers everyday essentials, such as diapers, rice, soda, and bottled water to busy consumers. RedMart is backed by well-respected investors and advisors, such as Golden Gate Ventures, Toivo Annus (Skype Co-founder), Jason Ackerman (Co-founder and CEO of online grocer FreshDirect.com in US), Boon Ling Yee (Singaporean, former Commercial Director of Tesco China), and Anne-Ev Juette-Enzmann (former Marketing Strategy Director at Tesco Thailand).

Why we love it: Amazon watch out, RedMart’s online shopping portal is set to revolutionize the way Singaporeans buy everyday home essentials. Their competitive price, large product selection, and same day delivery are just a few reasons folks are opting for the convenience of online ordering. This data-driven trio of founders have already outgrown their first warehouse and are set to deliver more goods, more efficiently in 2013. The founders are so committed to providing the best customer service and timely delivery that you may find them at your door, delivering the goods themselves.

“We started RedMart with the belief that Singapore is an ideal market for an online grocery service, and the result of our first year of operations has made us even more convinced. Our rapid growth demonstrates that Singaporeans demand a more convenient way to buy groceries and home essentials at a competitive price.” – Roger Egan, Co-founder & CEO RedMart

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Indonesian Online Shop for Baby Products

Bilna.com is an Indonesian-based online retailer that gives Indonesian mom’s a shopping heaven, providing more product selection than anyone else, with close to 10,000 unique SKU combined with a speedy delivery service and world-class customer care. Along with Golden Gate Ventures’ investment, Bilna has received funding from Cyber Agent Ventures, East Ventures, DG Incubation, and TMS Entertainment.

Why we love it: Bilna taps into two exciting qualities of the Indonesian market: the E-commerce market is growing tremendously fast, and its status as having the largest population in Southeast Asia. More importantly, the baby goods industry can be extraordinarily profitable for market leaders: mothers are generally very loyal to particular brands, repeat purchases are commonplace, and margins are relatively stronger than other goods. By securing its place as the market leader in baby goods, Bilna is well-positioned to grow rapidly in the near future.

“Currently, the Indonesian Internet market is rapidly growing … there are clear signs indicating the rapid growth of the E-commerce market in Indonesia. Furthermore, due to economic growth, increase of personal income earnings and the growing population of Indonesia, we believe there is high demand of online shopping for babies and children related goods.” – Takahiro Suzuki, Managing Director, CyberAgent Ventures

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Sendah Remittance Payments

Remittance payments for the Philippines

Ayannah’s product, Sendah aims to be the leading provider of mobile commerce and payment services to the world’s unbanked. For unbanked residents in emerging markets, we provide accessible digital commerce and payment services to spur financial inclusion and literacy and give access to products and services that improve quality of life. For migrants, we aim to give a better way to stay connected and to support their beneficiaries in their home country by giving them greater control over how their hard-earned remittances are used to improve the lives of their beneficiaries.

Why we love it: The team is tapping on a growing pain point for overseas workers sending money back home. For the Philippines, that’s over 40M Filipinos. We’re excited about their opportunity as they expand around the region into new geographies.

“Mikko and his team have a great vision and have built a great platform to serve a large and underserved market. We are glad to be part of the Ayannah team and would like to contribute our Web 2.0 experience to help Ayannah drive user acquisition and conversions. Based on what we have seen, Ayannah is off to a great start and has a great growth trajectory.” – Vinnie Lauria, Golden Gate Ventures

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Online dev environment, saving startups time and money

With offices in Singapore and San Francisco, Nitrous.IO makes it simple for startups and technology companies to deploy development environments into the cloud, saving time and money. Building a development environment from a template eliminates the lengthy software installation process and prevents cryptic errors often caused by incorrect configuration settings. The platform currently supports Python, Ruby, NodeJS, and Go, as well as the popular Ruby on Rails and Python Django frameworks, with additional platforms to be released soon.

Why we love it: The team are stellar A+ engineers with a strong working history together. We knew from the start that this was a team we wanted to back.   They nailed a pain point costing developers and companies time and money   They lined-up hundreds of customers before even launching.

“Having analyzed [developer’s] tweets, I’ve discovered the four things developers hate most: wasted time, configuration bugs, hard drive crashes, and airport security. Nitrous.IO just fixed three of them.” – David Cowan of Bessemer Venture Partners

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Financial Empowerment through Social Networks

Coinvestors: Accel Partners, Blumberg Capital, Omidyar Network, Kickstart Ventures

Lenddo is an online platform that allows members to use their online social connections to access local financial services. Conceived with the principles of responsibility, character and altruism in hand, Lenddo was initially conceived by Jeff Stewart and Richard Eldrige in January 2009. Aside from the traditional banks and micro lending institutions, they’re considered first in their arena of lending through social network connections.

Why we love it: Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today, but traditional banks are unwilling or unable to lend credit to its nearly 610 million denizens. That’s why we’re so excited by Lenddo’s concept of financial empowerment. Through its proprietary technology and industry standard accreditations, Lenddo’s innovative solution leverages the power of social networks to help traditional banks issue credit to over half a billion people.

“Technology can redefine how this market accesses financial services. Digital inclusion in the financial services space is as much a social responsibility as it is a rapidly growing global opportunity, and Lenddo’s proprietary algorithms and deep market insight are breaking down barriers.” – Minette Navarette, President, Kickstart Ventures

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Mobile Dating for Serious Relationships

Coinvestors: 500 Durians, AIS (SingTel Partner)

Noonswoon introduces singles to one quality match every day at noon, usually to someone they already share mutual friends with. Users have 24 hours to decide whether or not they like the person they are matched with. If both matches like each other, they get connected and are able to chat directly through the app without needing to reveal any personal contact information.

Why we love it: While there are over 5,000 dating companies fighting over 300M people in the US, there are only a handful companies in SEA targeting a market of 600M people within the region. Noonswoon is already emerging as the dominant player. They also have two key competitive advantages: Noonswoon’s proprietary machine learning algorithm creates optimal matches through Facebook Graph API, and their business partnership with with SingTel (with a combined mobile subscriber base of 416 million customers from its own operations and regional associates) is putting Noonswoon directly in front of users through carrier’s own App Stores.

“We believe that the sense of belonging is important. We actually want to create a real relationship. That’s why we try to imitate the real world activities – people know each other through friends. Privacy is our main priority and we don’t believe in just matching people just because they are in the same area. – Mickey Asavanant, CTO & Co-founder

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Online Platform for Startups, Investors, and Talent

Coinvestors: Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Google Ventures

AngelList is a platform for startups to meet investors, talent and incubators. Startups like Uber, Leap Motion and thousands more have raised money on AngelList, and many investors like A16Z and KPCB have used the platform to invest directly or through syndication. In fact, nearly one startup a day raises part of their round on AngelList. Every month, startups are matched with up to $10M-$15M in capital, with many of these these startups going on to raise over $2B over their lifetimes.

Why we love it: Sourcing deals and leading syndicate rounds can be very difficult. AngelList helps us with both problems. Not only can we use the platform and its robust search filters to identify lucrative opportunities in our selected industries, we can also easily organize syndicate rounds, communicate with co-investors, and promote both our fund and portfolio companies. The ability to raise money on AngelList is especially important: by allowing many more investors to participate, startups and lead investors have a much easier time raising capital without having to resort to relying on traditional VCs.

““We need to redefine what a seed round looks like, and what a Series A round looks like. It’s going to start shrinking .. The number of startups will continue to go up. I’m maniacal enough to think that eventually everyone will work for themselves, and we will all be startups of one.” – Naval Ravikant, Co-founder



Instant, Visual, Mobile Translation

WayGo is an app that is changing the way expats, tourists, and business travelers experience China and the Chinese language. Utilizing a combination of both Optical Character Recognition and a translation piece, Waygo translates Chinese characters into English text by seeing images, finding the relevant text, and finally creating sensible phrases. Waygo does not require an internet connection to operate.

Why we love it: Companies that enter the field of OCR spend many years getting their solution to work, let alone be any good. Waygo is no different. Their team has been working on their in-house, proprietary algorithms for about two years and it has paid off. When benchmarked against ABBYY (the top commercial OCR) their software is five times faster, two times more accurate, and a tenth of the file size.

“The idea for Waygo came about two years ago as I was working in China building mobile games. I was in the process of learning Chinese and found it extremely difficult, especially for someone used to romance languages. At first the idea was an educational tool, but eventually it grew in my head that this could help any traveler in any country see with new eyes.” – Ryan Rogowski, CEO & Co-founder

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Online Inventory and Order Management Software

TradeGecko was founded by three entrepreneurs from New Zealand in January 2012. It makes Inventory and Sales management easy for small- and medium-sized businesses. TradeGecko was selected for, and accelerated through, the JFDI-Innov8 2012 Bootcamp program, where its team received intensive mentoring and the business attracted substantial investor interest.

Why we love it: TradeGecko is disrupting outdated order management systems with an intuitive order and inventory management system for wholesalers. The regional reign of excel is soon to be eclipsed by TradeGecko’s collaborative, cloud based CRM and inventory management solution. Hitting on the global trend of independent online retailers sourcing materials from Asia, TradeGecko makes it easy for every wholesaler, distributor, and importer to track and manage inventory, orders and customers. With their global network and laser focus on making an easy-to-use SaaS solution to manage the backend office for wholesalers, TradeGecko is regional startup that’s addressing global concerns.

“The pain I experienced running a fashion label is what  got us started. We talked to around 200 potential customers before we started coding to make sure we really understood what the market wanted. We used Lean Startup and Agile methods to evolve TradeGecko iteratively. We have come a long way since we started the JFDI.Asia program and we could not have done it  without the mentors, partners and friends who helped us along the way.” – Carl Thompson, Co-founder of Tradegecko

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